The reference executive event for the semiconductor industry in the EMEA region

This event has passed.

Event Details:

18 June, 2024


This year, GSA wants to celebrate by bringing you the very best EEF ever: amazing speakers, most thought provoking topics and the very best attendees.

Expect an engaging mix of high-level discussions with forward looking technology trends: a masterful CEO fireside chat, sessions ranging from genAI impact on the semiconductor industry, to cybersecurity and AI, to the future of networks, to the emergence of a chiplet ecosystem, to automotive, sustainability, and even on how tantalising close we are to unlocking the world-changing promises of nuclear fusion and clean energy for all!

Featured Speaker

“AI at the Edge” – Innovate & Connect Workshop

Wednesday, 19th June 2024

2:00PM – 4:00PM

James Chapman, Chief Product Officer at Imagination Technologies, will lead audience members in considering the requirements for edge system design in the era of pervasive AI.