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18 March, 2024

San Francisco, CA, USA

Imagination at GDC 2024

Join us at GDC and be part of the conversations driving the future of gaming.


Ray tracing on mobile

Imagination pioneered real-time ray tracing on mobile devices. Our unique Photon architecture delivers high performance, desktop-quality ray traced visuals; effects such as soft shadows, global illumination and real-time reflections are now possible within the power envelope of a smartphone.

Now with DirectX Support

With IMG DXD, Imagination entered the PC gaming arena thanks to hardware-based DirectX FL 11_0 support along with Vulkan®, OpenGL®, OpenGL® ES and OpenCL™.
powerVR rogue

Supporting developers

The PowerVR SDK, tools, documentation, guides and forum can help you get the best possible performance out of your application. Talk to the our team at GDC 2024 for more details on how we can support you in optimising your games for Imagination-based devices.

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Join us at GDC and be part of the conversations driving the future of gaming.

Imagination develops cutting-edge GPU IP that powers mobile, desktop and cloud games. Whether you’re a large or small developer, talk to us to find out how you and your teams can harness the power of our tools to find new levels of performance, or to get an early glimpse at the next-gen graphics technologies being developed by Imagination’s engineers.

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