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Ray tracing - now available on the move

As well as outstanding performance for conventional rasterised graphics IMG CXT introduces the revolutionary PowerVR Photon architecture, bringing high-performance, desktop-quality ray traced visuals to the palm of your hand. Delivering up to 1.3GRay/s, CXT-powered devices will bring features such as ray traced shadows, reflections, global illumination, and ambient occlusion with high frame rates to users on the go.

Our Products

We create and license market-leading processor solutions for graphics and vision and AI processing.
Find the ideal SoC solution to give your product a competitive edge.

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Imagination’s graphics technology is renowned for offering the most power-efficient designs in the industry, delivering outstanding UI and gaming performance.

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Ray Tracing

We are pioneers in the field of ray tracing, the next-gen technology that mimics the behaviour of light in the real world to deliver amazing photorealistic graphics. Our hybrid, low-power IP is the most advanced solution in the market.

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From the devices in our pockets to the cars we drive AI is everywhere. Our neural network accelerators, combined with our powerful software tools, raise the bar for inferencing performance for embedded devices.

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Our Ethernet Packer Processor IP is a silicon-proven family of highly programmable, feature-rich Ethernet processors, that provide the ideal automotive gateway solution for in-vehicle data processing and routing.

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Developer Tools

With comprehensive SDKs and support for the latest graphics APIs and AI frameworks, our industry-leading tools and support eco-system enables developers targeting our technology to deploy applications of the highest quality.

Working with us

To produce outstanding products that offer the highest value you need IP that differentiates and support that delivers.

Imagination helps our customers: accelerate their time to market; reduce the total cost of ownership of IP; optimise power, performance and area; and develop future proof strategy.

Imagination’s innovative technology underpins many leading electronics products from top-tier brands.  We appreciate that our customers have a choice and we are very grateful that they choose to work with us.

Who we are

Innovation is in our DNA as a result of over 25 years of experience in designing and licensing market-leading IP processor solutions.  Our compute, graphics and AI IP delivers security, high-performance and low power consumption in the smallest silicon area, enabling chip makers to create products that offer the highest value. We have expert knowledge of automotive, consumer, computing, desktop/cloud, and mobile challenges, enabling us to be a true partner to leading companies.

Join our team

At Imagination Technologies, we apply world-renowned engineering expertise to solve today’s most pressing technology challenges; from smarter devices using artificial intelligence to greater insights through augmented reality.

Create today what the world will enjoy tomorrow.

Technology, news and insights

Sleepout 2021

Why we’re taking corporate social responsibility seriously at Imagination

There’s been a focus recently in the media on the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – but what is CSR and why is it important? CSR refers to a company’s desire to support charitable causes and do good within its local area and the wider community. It’s easy to be cynical, but for many of us at Imagination, we were keen to ensure that these activities were not just a tick-box exercise, carried out just as a regulatory requirement.

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Learning from the best: How nature can inspire AI research

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) make up a significant portion of machine learning and deep learning, ranging from simple, early networks consisting of only a handful of neurons, to more recent networks with hundreds of billions of parameters (e.g., GPT-3). Despite the clear success of ANNs, there is clearly much that we can still learn from biological systems, which have evolved an amazing variety of solutions to solve the same challenges that AI engineers face.

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Imagination’s neural network accelerator and Visidon’s denoising algorithm prove to be perfect partners

This blog post is a result of a collaboration between Visidon, headquartered in Finland and Imagination, based in the UK. Visidon is recognised as an expert in algorithms for camera image enhancement and analysis and Imagination has a series of world-beating neural network accelerators (NNA) with performance up to 100 TOPS per second per core. The problem tackled in this blog post is denoising images from conventional colour cameras. The solution is in two parts: 1. Algorithms that remove the noise without damaging image detail. 2. A high-performance convolution engine capable of running a trained neural network that takes a colour image as input and outputs a denoised colour image.

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