Imagination China sees 2020 out in award-winning style with IMG Series 4 NNA

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Earlier this month Imagination Technologies picked up two awards for its recently launch IMG Series 4 neural network accelerator (NNA). Our NNA is no stranger to awards, with the design team behind the Series2 NX and the NNA itself picking up gongs for its groundbreaking performance.

The Series 4 takes things to new levels, with its scalable architecture offering 500 TOPS of performance, and even beyond. This makes it ideal for the automotive market, and next-generation ADAS and full self-driving systems, and we already have licensees in that market.

It’s pleasing that the Series4 has already been recognised for its strength in these areas and at the World Smart Car Conference held in Guangzhou, China on 4 December 2020, Imagination picked up the “Autonomous Driving Award”. At the event, Liu Guojun, Vice President and General Manager of Imagination China delivered a speech on “Globalization, Technological Innovation and Change”.

Imagination wins the “Autonomous Driving Award”, at the World Smart Car Conference in Guangzhou, China on 4 December 2020
Imagination wins the “Autonomous Driving Award”, at the World Smart Car Conference in Guangzhou, China on 4 December 2020

On the very same day, Imagination also collected the “Highest Potential Enterprise Award” at the China IoT Conference and the 5th China IoT Innovation Awards in Shenzhen.

Highest Potential Enterprise Award at China IoT Innovation Awards
The “Highest Potential Enterprise Award” given to Imagination at the China IoT Innovation Awards, 4th December 2020

Imagination doesn’t just turn up to win awards in China: it also provides insight and knowledge. At the “IoT Industry Development Summit Forum”, Huang Yin, Senior Business Development Manager of Imagination, delivered a keynote speech on how “SoC IP Helps Realise the Smart Internet of Things.”

Huang Yin, Senior Business Development Manager of Imagination, speaking at the IoT Industry Development Summit Forum, Shenzen

In her speech, Huang Yin demonstrated some AI applications based on Imagination NNA technology, such as face detection and recognition, gesture detection, mouth and eye-opening/closing detection.

In addition, Huang Yin also pointed out that Imagination’s NNA+GPU can form a heterogeneous platform with both graphics processing and AI computing functions, and that it has been successfully applied in personnel detection, driver monitoring and car surround view.

Imagination also appeared at the GTIC 2020 AI Chip Innovation Summit, where Vice President of Imagination and General Manager of China Region delivered a keynote speech on how multi-core GPUs and dedicated NNA can promote intelligent applications from the Cloud to the Edge.

James Liu GTIC 2020
Imagination China Vice President James Lui, speaking at the GTIC 2020 AI Chip Innovation Summit, December 1, 2020, on the need for efficient heterogeneous computing platforms.
Benny Har-Even

Benny Har-Even

With a background in technology journalism stretching back to the late 90s, Benny Har-Even has written for many of the top UK technology publications, across both consumer and B2B and has appeared as an expert on BBC World Business News and BBC Radio Five Live. He is now Content Manager at Imagination Technologies.

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