To produce outstanding products that offer the highest value you need IP that delivers the highest performance and lowest power consumption in the smallest silicon area.

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Lower your costs; increase your revenue

Chip manufacturers face a choice between making the technology themselves or buying in IP ready to go. Using IP offers tangible, real-world benefits and makes strategic sense for any company that wants to:

Accelerate time to market

  • Proven IP reduces risk and deployment time
  • IMG Edge verification and validation services reduce development costs and get you to market quicker
  • Maximise your time in market to increase revenue [for both leading-edge and fast-follower product strategies]
  • Leverage our 25 years of experience in successfully creating complex SoC designs

Reduce total cost of ownership

  • Silicon-proven IP designs that sit at the heart of many of the world’s most successful products
  • Avoid costly investment in creating complex designs
  • Patent-protected designs to avoid costly litigation
  • Supported by extensive ecosystems, software, RF, tools etc. for comprehensive solutions

Optimise power, performance and area

  • Tile-Based Deferred Rendering GPU architecture is the most efficient in the industry
  • Communications IP with outstanding performance and low power requirements
  • We have a relentless focus on low power to boost product battery life across all markets
  • Our low-bandwidth designs that reduce power consumption and avoid the need for costly memory

Future-proof your strategy

  • Enjoy our long history of innovation combined with an extensive roadmap of future products
  • Share our strong relationships with partners across the industry
  • Be compliant with industry standards to ensure ease of development and a great user experience
  • Reuse IP across process nodes and devices


Technology has evolved at an alarming pace, so too is the world in which it lives. At Imagination we work to sharpen our customers competitive edge, but to keep those edges sharp, we need to look at the way in which markets, industries and consumers will change in the years to come. Now no prediction is perfect, but our Chief of Engineering Tim Whitfield has broken down the emerging trends and exciting areas of growth across 4 of the key semiconductor industries. AI, Mobile technology, Graphics and Automotive technology are all discussed to give people a glimpse of what is around the corner for technology and how Imagination will continue to rise to the challenge of an ever changing world. 

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If you want an edge, use our imagination

To build the best products you need to work with a company that offers technology with unique features, robust development processes and world-class verification services.


Unique hardware-backed embedded GPU virtualization technology offering full security through protected OS domains; required for automotive and other markets.


We enable SoCs that offer functional safety for automotive and other autonomous systems. Our quality-managed processes make it easier for our customers to meet the Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) classified by the ISO 26262 standard for automotive safety.


Our world-class data centre offers hosting for validation and verification services enabling you to significantly lower your investment costs in hardware and technical expertise.

Providing the key IP building blocks

Graphics processors

PowerVR graphics processors enable a cutting-edge, power-efficient and flexible solution for all forms of multimedia processing, including 3D and 2D graphics as well as high-performance GPU compute – all in the same unified engine.

Vision &
Artificial Intelligence

Whether you want smartness residing in local devices such as cameras, consumer products or robots, or enabled by powerful servers in the cloud, we can help you achieve your vision.

Partnering with world-leading technology brands

We are chosen as a partner by many leading innovators in electronics because we are passionate about innovation and have the drive to deliver technologies that solve key problems in new, more efficient ways. We build win-win partnerships that enable our customers to differentiate their products using our IP, and together create unique products and successful businesses.


Download this paper to learn more about the challenges and concerns facing chip manufacturers and why using IP will help them reduce risk, accelerate time to market and lower their costs.