VR: Creating optimised VR

content with Imagination’s

PowerVR family

Hosted in two parts, by Chris Longstaff and Kristof Beets

Webinar Details:

26 October, 2016

83 minutes


This webinar is broken into two parts; Software and hardware.

VR Part 1: It’s all about the hardware! 

Join this webinar to discover the differing VR solutions and architectures available today. We will explain the requirements to transition from existing non-dedicated SoCs such as app processors, to dedicated VR chipsets.  Learn about the range of solutions for VR in Imagination’s PowerVR family and understand how they can cover differing architectures, use cases and performance requirements.

What will you learn?

  • VR SoC multimedia requirements
  • Imagination IP solutions for VR SoCs
  • Performance points for video and graphics solutions

VR Part 2: It’s all about the software! 

This webinar examines both the graphical and video content needed to drive the adoption of VR. The widespread uptake of VR will depend on the creation of compelling use cases for the consumer.  We will focus on two main use cases today, immersive 360 degree video content creation and display, and high quality gaming.

What will you learn?

  • How to create compelling 3D GFX content for VR applications
  • APIs and extensions for VR graphics
  • 360° video creation – encoding, stitching and playback

About the speaker

Chris Longstaff, Senior Director of Product & Technology Marketing PowerVR Multimedia, Imagination Technologies

Chris has held various roles in the electronics industry throughout his career, staying closely focused on visual technologies throughout. Working for semiconductor companies such as Leitch (Harris), C-Cube/LSI Logic, and ATI (AMD/Broadcom), in roles including hardware design, FAE & business development.

Chris joined Imagination in 2007 and has transitioned from business development, to marketing. Now as Senior Director of marketing for PowerVR, he is responsible for product planning & promotion of Imagination’s PowerVR multimedia technologies.

Kristof Beets, Director of Business Development, Imagination Technologies

Kristof Beets is Director of Business Development for PowerVR Graphics at Imagination Technologies where he leads the in-house demo development team and the competitive & performance analysis teams and works on product messaging. He has a background in electrical engineering and received a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. Prior to joining the Business Development Group he worked on SDKs and tools for both PC and mobile products as a member of the PowerVR Developer Relations Team. Kristof has published articles on 3D Graphics in the ShaderX and GPU Pro series of books and has spoken at GDC, SIGGRAPH, Embedded Technology Japan, MWC and too many other conferences to remember.