The Internet

of Car

How smart cities will change the way we transport ourselves

Webinar Details:

27 July, 2017

60 minutes


Smart Cities offer a range of promises for a brighter future, none more so than a fully integrated multimodel transportation system that addresses several of the major challenges facing us. One is congestion, two is pollution, three is travel time and efficiency and four is the increase in urban populations.

To address such a wide range of issues there will be a raft of technologies both wired and wireless brought to bear along with a range of services that need securing if they are not to be open to hacking.

In this presentation we will be looking at architectures that enable the multi-trillion dollar services business, what is required to enable semi and fully autonomous driving, we look at the impact of new wireless technologies as well as exploring some of the drivers and inhibitors of such a potential market.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the key motivators for changing to Smart Cities
  • Explore the issues that face the move to autonomous driving
  • What infrastructure needs to be put in place and its implications
  • What government support and legislation needs to be put in place
  • Which technologies will underpin this in the medium and long term

About the speaker

Bryce Johnstone, Director of Automotive Segment Marketing and 3rd Party Relations, Imagination Technologies

Bryce is a Director, responsible for promoting the company’s Ecosystem of third parties across all technologies including PowerVR, MIPS and ENSIGMA. This role involves identifying and engaging with key third parties to work with collaboratively on Imagination’s products as well as general outreach to the whole developer community. He has now added to his job portfolio as the Director for Automotive which encompasses working on relationships throughout the Automotive value chain including Tier 1s and Car manufacturer as well as key third parties to understand future requirements and what Imagination needs to deliver as IP into the rapidly changing car market over the coming years.

A graduate in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and a holder of an MBA from the Open University, Bryce has clocked up over 30 years’ experience in semiconductors with STC Semiconductor and Texas Instruments where he worked in several technical and managerial roles in SPARC Microprocessors, DSP before moving into Wireless Terminal Business Unit to head up the OMAP Developer Network activity.