10 July 2018

PVRStudio – the first IDE to allow GPU debugging on mobile platforms

26 April 2018, 19:00:00 - 30 minutes

PVRStudio is the first IDE that allows developers to debug the GPU on mobile platforms. It is also the first to allow debugging on both CPU and GPU in one debug session together.

PVRStudio is based upon QT Creator, a robust and lightweight IDE that many developers will already be familiar with. The debugger, PVR-GDB, is a fork of the popular GDB, which means CPU applications can be debugged for most common architectures.

Developers will have full support for breakpoints, code stepping and memory layout of graphics shaders and compute kernels.

PVRStudio is available for free under NDA.

This webinar gives an introduction to PVRStudio, allowing developers to see the powerful features for themselves.

Benefits of watching: 

If you can’t make the live date don’t worry because the webinar will be available On Demand one day after the live broadcast for you to watch at a time that suits you.

Presented by: Javier Bizcocho

Webinar Broadcast Date: 26 April 2018, 19:00:00

Duration: 30 minutes

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