10 July 2018

Migrating to Vulkan with the PowerVR Framework

22 February 2017, 00:00:00 - 45 minutes

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With the industry moving towards next generation API’s such as; Vulkan, Metal and DirectX 12, it is now more important than ever to learn about how you can leverage the power of next generation graphics API’s. The PowerVR Framework has been specifically redesigned with Vulkan in mind, and provides a powerful Vulkan like development environment while still being fully backwards compatible with OGLES. In addition the Framework abstracts much of low level implementation details away which allows you as the developer to write graphics applications much more efficiently.

In this webinar we provide a high level overview of the Vulkan API and the key concepts of a modern graphics API, we then introduce you to the PowerVR Framework and provide an easy to follow guide on how to get started building your first application in the new PowerVR Framework.

Key benefits:

Presented by: Shaun Heald

Webinar Broadcast Date: 22 February 2017, 00:00:00

Duration: 45 minutes

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