13 October 2020

IMG B-Series Launch Keynote

13 October 2020, 09:00:00 - 37 minutes

IMG B-Series Launch Keynote

Join this webinar to learn about the exciting new IMG B-Series GPU product range and the technology behind it.

The IMG B-Series contains four product families with each reaching new levels of performance to give more choice and flexibility to SoC designers. Learn how features such as multi-core and ISO 26262 conformance make Imagination GPU IP applicable to new markets such as cloud computing and ADAS/autonomous driving. B-Series builds on the exceptional leap made with A-Series GPU IP recognised around the industry as the leading solution for high-performance GPU coupled with low power characteristics.

To learn more about IMG B-Series download IMG B-Series overview

To understand our multi-core capabilities download the multi-core overview

To learn more on our IMGIC Technology download the IMGIC overview

Speaker Bio

Andrew Girdler is a Product Manager at Imagination focussed on Graphics and Automotive technology. He works closely with our customers helping them to select the best GPU IP for their projects and works to ensure our product roadmap reflects their future needs and requirements in the next generation of IP. Andrew also presents technical and architectural details of the latest Imagination GPUs and works very closely with our performance and safety teams to help customers understand and take advantage of the full capabilities of the latest GPU technology. Andrew is also a published Graphics engineer with a background in high quality, high performance rendering and architectural analysis.

Presented by: Andrew Girdler

Webinar Broadcast Date: 13 October 2020, 09:00:00

Duration: 37 minutes

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