Imagination’s Next-Gen GPU:

Deep Dive for Developers

Hosted by Gerry Raptis

webinar Details:

5 May, 2020

45 minutes


In December 2019, Imagination Technologies announced A-Series, its latest GPU architecture. With 2.5x the performance, 8x faster AI processing, and 60% lower power compared to the previous generation it is the fastest graphics IP on the market today, and its highly scalable architecture makes to apply to a wide variety of markets.

In this webinar, we will take a developer-focused dive deep into the A-Series architecture, explore its great features (128 wide primary pipelines; parallel secondary pipeline!) and instruction set and discuss how you can make the most of its industry-leading performance to deliver outstanding graphics and compute-based applications.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover why IMG A-series is the best GPU IP on the market
  • Learn about its significant architectural changes and how it will make your life easier
  • Understand how to optimise your applications for A-Series
  • Find out how its increased efficiency will help you deliver better performance

About the speaker

Gerry Raptis

Senior Developer Technology Engineer, PVR Technology, Imagination Technologies