11 December 2019

IMG A-Series Launch: Imagination Inspire 2019

3 December 2019, 09:00:00 - 6 hours minutes

Attend the virtual IMG A-Series launch event

Register and join us virtually at the Imagination Inspire 2019 event which took place in Shanghai December 3rd with over 350 delegates in attendance. Register for the on demand presentations which will make you feel like you were in the room with us and discover our new generation GPU: IMG A-Series – “The GPU of Everything”.

At this event we introduced the most important graphics product we have launched since the first PowerVR for mobile; which made possible the mobile-gaming revolution, app stores and all the devices that followed.

Register and watch the virtual presentations to find out how the new IMG A-Series architecture delivers performance where it counts. The A-Series has class-leading performance density for GPU IP. The result is outstanding graphics, AI and compute performance that can be tailored for multiple markets – from mobile, gaming and automotive through to set-top boxes and server. IMG A-Series delivers significant improvements over previous generations.

What to Expect and Topics Covered

IMG A-Series Launch

Steve Evans of Imagination will introduce the new IMG A-Series – “The GPU of Everything” which is based on the unique PowerVR tile based deferred rendering architecture.

Future of Mobile

Imaginations future mobile computing technologies and technical routes.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence using Imagination’s GPU + Neural Network Accelerator heterogeneous computing architecture.


Impact of the new IMG A-Series on gaming and VR performance.


Defeating the challenges of safety, security and certification for automotive and autonomous systems.

Partner Panel

Panel discussion with leading executives from industry leading companies: Renesas, SemiDrive TM Technology, Rockchip, Alibaba, UniSoC

Partner Presentations

Presentations with leading executives from industry leading companies: Allwinner Technology, AIIA, BlueOcean, SiFive & Nibiru

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Don’t miss out and register today and watch the full event to learn more about the IMG A-Series product and to hear about the future of technology from Imagination experts and from industry leading companies.

Presented by: Imagination Technologies & Partners

Webinar Broadcast Date: 3 December 2019, 09:00:00

Duration: 6 hours minutes

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