How the latest PowerVR GPUS

are meeting the demands of

the embedded market

Hosted by Gautham Kripalani

webinar Details:

18 April, 2019

75 minutes


In today’s highly visual world the GPU is one of the most important components inside embedded electronics. As well as commonly GPU-powered devices such as smartphones, tablets and set-top boxes, it is now becoming essential in other markets such as white goods and automotive.

To address the widely varying GPU requirements of these markets PowerVR has three GPU families, PowerVR Series9XEP, Series 9XMP and Series 9XTP. With a wide range of cores, each of these offers a highly targeted balance between fillrate and GFLOPs, as well as new features.

This webinar will introduce the three latest PowerVR GPU families in the context of recent market trends and their corresponding GPU requirements. It will explain the architectural improvements they bring and their benefits. It will also cover PowerVR’s unique visually lossless compression technology – PVRIC4.

Session outcome

Watch this webinar to learn more details on:

  • PowerVR latest GPU families and how they are a perfect fit for the different market requirements
    • PowerVR 9XEP – Cost-efficiency optimised solutions
    • PowerVR 9XMP – Performance-efficiency optimised solutions
    • PowerVR 9XTP – Density and power-efficiency optimised solutions
  • PowerVR’s unique visually lossless compression technology – PVRIC4