basemark x imagination

The Future of Mobile Ray Tracing Technology and GPU Benchmarking

webinar Details:

26 October, 2022

45 minutes


Real-life-looking 3D graphics is a sought-after rendering feature consumers expect to have, not only on desktops but also on handheld devices. As a result, the development of ray tracing technology is speeding up and is described as the “next big thing” within the handheld GPU scene.

While new hardware with new technology, such as ray tracing, is entering the handheld device market, the role of GPU benchmarking becomes even more central. Are current GPU benchmarks up to date with today’s hardware technology, and how representative are the results?

In this webinar, we’ll dig deeper into the future of mobile ray tracing technology and GPU benchmarking together with the company that pioneered the handheld GPU business – Imagination Technologies.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • What does the future of mobile ray tracing technology withhold for the GPU scene?
  • What’s new in GPU benchmarking and GPUScore?
  • What are the best practices for GPU Benchmarking and what makes a good GPU benchmark?
  • Q&A session for those that attend live.

Guest speakers

Tim Mamtora, Chief of Innovation at Imagination Technologies

Kristof Beets, VP, Technology Insights at Imagination Technologies

Tero Sarkkinen, Founder & CEO at Basemark

Mircea Cristea, GPU Score Product Owner at Basemark

Patric Ojala, Head of Product Management at Basemark