PowerVR Series3NX: Enhancing devices with the power of deep learning and neural networks

Webinar Details:

12 March, 2019

45 minutes


AI is impacting our world in numerous ways and will touch almost every conceivable market, from IoT, consumer, automotive to mobile, industry, security and agriculture: all will be enhanced and revolutionised by the power of deep learning and neural networks. 

To make this a reality requires dedicated neural network accelerators that bring the power of AI to edge devices, mitigating the bandwidth constraints and security concerns of cloud-based AI processing. This needs to be delivered in a highly-efficient and low-power package that also offers extremely high performance.

At the same time, the fast-moving world of AI demands programmable hardware that enables developers to deploy new network models and layers into the market to support new applications and to enable OEM manufacturers to differentiate their products in a competitive market.

About the speaker

Neal Forse, Senior Director of Product Management, Imagination Technologies

Neal has 20+ years’ experience in data networking & video processing within the broadcast & semiconductor sectors, both in engineering and business management. His career started as a research engineer at Sony developing the world’s first digital TV service over satellite and moved on to run the software operations for Ericsson Media. Neal nurtured multiple start-up businesses within Intel, focusing on next generation Video Compression technologies, Network Access Architectures, Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Industrial IoT applications.

As Senior Director Product Management within Imagination Technologies, Neal is delighted to host this webinar to outline the value and technical benefits of the Imagination NNA IP core to your business.