Accelerate your Application

with the PowerVR Toolkit

Hosted by Benjamin Mitchell

webinar Details:

14 May, 2019

40 minutes


Discover tools for creation, asset deployment, profiling and optimisation

Graphics applications on mobile devices are increasingly complex and power intensive, bringing a wide range of challenges. Having the ability to use tools for identifying and fixing these issues can save developers a lot of time and effort. This webinar gives an introduction to the process of debugging, profiling, and optimising graphics applications on PowerVR. This webinar covers three of our tools:

  • PVRStudio is the first IDE that allows developers to debug the GPU on mobile platforms. It is also the first to allow debugging on both CPU and GPU in one debug session together.
  • PVRTune Complete is a very powerful performance analysis tool for PowerVR devices. Driver level software counters and hardware registers are used to provide real-time data on the performance of an application.
  • PVRCarbon is an API (Vulkan™, OpenGL ES™) recording and analysis tool. It provides an offline recording of the selected frames of the application, along with all the API calls. It gives the ability to debug and trace the source of your issues to the exact API call.

About the speaker

Benjamin Mitchell, Developer Support Engineer, PowerVR, Imagination Technologies

Benjamin Mitchell is passionate about games and game development. He has experience in a wide range of games programming areas, and loves to learn more in his spare time too. As a Developer Support Engineer for PowerVR at Imagination Technologies, he enjoys a variety of tasks including developing tools, analysing graphics application performance, and helping external developers with their graphics problems.