PVRTune Complete – Better performance analysis with PowerVR Graphics cores

2018-04-19 19:00:00
- 30 minutes

An introduction to PVRTune Complete and it’s powerful new features

PVRTune Complete is a very powerful performance analysis tool for PowerVR devices. Driver level software counters and hardware registers are used to provide real-time data on the performance of an application.

Developers are provided with real time visualisation of various performance metrics emitted by the GPU. PVRTune is “API aware” – it is able to show events that have been generated by interfaces such as OpenGL® ES.

The tool is split over two applications. PVRTune GUI is a multi-platform client that runs on the developer machine, and PVRPerfServer is a lightweight application that runs on the various target platforms.

PVRTune Complete is available for free under NDA. (PVRTune Developer is available without NDA, but has reduced data from the client stream)

This webinar gives an introduction to PVRTune Complete, allowing developers to see the powerful new features for themselves.

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Benefits of watching:

  • Understand the exciting new improvements PVRTune Complete can bring to profiling PowerVR applications
  • Learn how to set up both the GUI and PVRPerfServer to work together
  • Watch an example profiling session to see just how PVRTune Complete can help you
  • Learn tips and tricks to make the most of your profiling session

If you can’t make the live date don’t worry because the webinar will be available On Demand one day after the live broadcast for you to watch at a time that suits you.