PowerVR GPU hardware virtualization technology – enabling the next generation of virtualized SoCs for the automotive, consumer & IoT markets

2019-02-21 19:00:00
- 55 minutes

GPU virtualization is now a must-have for a range of next-generation applications, from automotive, to consumer electronics, to IoT. With the explosion in the number of chips and displays in cars today; the ever competitive cost factor; and the corresponding strict robustness requirements; the need for advanced GPUs, with virtualisation support, along with additional robustness features is ever increasing in this market sector. This webinar, will introduce PowerVR’s unique hardware virtualization technology, explain the benefits of this solution, it’s exceptional automotive robustness features  and outline the latest version of this solution.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The driving factors in the industry for GPU virtualization support
  • The fundamentals & benefits of PowerVR’s hardware virtualization
  • The additional virtualization related features for the automotive industry’s strict needs
  • The new virtualization features in PowerVR’s latest GPUs