Panel Discussion: Is there an AAA future for Mobile Gaming?

2021-08-05 12:00:00
- 29 minutes


Stuart DeVille (Founder, Game Dev London)

Paul Weir (Audio Director, Hello Games)

Peter Ridgway (Senior Director Technical Art, King Studios)

Kristof Beets (Vice President of Technology Insights, Imagination Technologies)


What defines AAA? Is it the budgets, is it the visuals or is it something else? And more importantly, can mobile games ever truly be considered AAA? With an imminent explosion in futuristic new technologies like ray-tracing on mobile, ever-increasing graphical power, and a wealth of design expertise, there are more ground-breaking new gaming experiences appearing on mobile platforms every day.

Imagination Technologies in association with Game Dev London sits down with a panel of industry experts, ranging from artists to engineers, to discuss the future of mobile gaming and the work going on in delivering a triple AAA experience (if they exist) from the hardware all the way to the player.


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