PowerVR AX3146

PowerVR Neural Network Accelerator

The perfect choice for cost-sensitive devices

The PowerVR AX3146 is an ideal choice for more cost-sensitive devices with basic performance requirements. Optimised for ultra-low bandwidth new Series3NX features reduce the overall implementation cost, making it highly suitable for mid-range smartphones, smart cameras and simple DTV set-top boxes.

API support
Framework Support
Bus interface
  • AXI4
Memory system
  • Virtual Memory
  • 1.2 TOPS
MACs per clock rate
  • 8-bit: 512 MACs/clk
  • 16-bit: 128 MACs/clk
  • Mid-range smartphone
  • Smart cameras
  • Embedded systems
  • Simple DTV and set-top box
  • Drones
  • Security
  • Lossless weight compression