IMG Series6 Graphics Processors
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Based on the Rogue architecture

The PowerVR Series6XT family is based on the Rogue architecture, includes GPUs ranging from two to six clusters and builds on the previous Series6 family.

PowerVR Series6XT

Series: Series6

Architectures: GPU


Markets: Electronic Dashboards, Games Console, Mobile Internet Devices, Navigation, Smartphones, Tablets


  • Significant performance increases compared to equivalent configurations of Series6 GPUs
  • Deep Colour support for Ultra HD resolutions
  • Extra FP16 GFLOPS for low-power rendering
  • ASTC compression format (LDR and HDR) (optional)
  • PVRIC2 texture compression (optional)
  • Android Extension Pack (optional)


* PowerVR Series6XT GPUs are designed to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process for all identified graphics, compute and vision APIs. Current conformance status can be found at The Khronos Group Inc.