IMG Series5 Graphics Processors
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Based on the groundbreaking SGX architecture

The PowerVR™ GX5300, introduced in 2014 based on the ground-breaking SGX architecture, is the world’s smallest Android-capable core building upon previous Series5 devices, with substantial improvements in efficiency, providing an ideal low-power solution for entry-level smartphones, wearables, IoT and other small footprint embedded applications, including enterprise devices such as printers.

PowerVR Series5XE

Series: Series5

Architectures: GPU



  • Up to a 60% performance increase on the latest industry standard benchmarks compared to equivalent configurations of PowerVR Series6XT GPUs
  • GPU compute setup and cache throughput improvements resulting in up to 300% better parallel processing performance
  • OmniShield-ready with hardware virtualization and multi-domain security optimized to support multiple independent security contexts and execution domains
  • Feature scalability for optimized designs: users can select the specific features they need for their design, and avoid the cost of including features they don’t need


  • Performance and efficiency improvements over equivalent Series6XT cores
  • Virtualization and security hardware support
  • Geometry shader support
  • Tessellation support
  • Native 10-bit YUV support
  • ASTC LDR/HDR support
  • Optional Feature Packs
    • DirectX 11 Feature Pack
    • OpenCL™ FP64 Feature Pack