Breath Taking Ray Traced Rendering

IMG CXT with PowerVR Photon Architecture delivers real time raytracing in the palm of your hand, A sweetspot core for premium mobile devices, but in demand with our customers across a wide range of markets, CXT represents the future of premium gaming experiences. CXT enables advanced effects like ray traced soft shadows, reflections and global illumination to create beautifully realistic game worlds, previously reserved for the highest level desktop GPUs, all with the low power and longer playtime characteristics Imagination is renowned for. CXT also features 50% more compute, texturing and geometry performance than our previous BXT-32-1024 GPU, making it a powerhouse for all of the latest non-raytraced content on the market today. CXT also features IMGIC image compression, HyperLane Technology and AI-Synergy with an architecture which can be scaled to desktop levels with our advanced “de-centralised” multicore technology.

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API Support

  • Vulkan 1.2 with Ray Tracing (Ray Query and Ray Pipeline)
  • OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + Extensions
  • OpenCL 3.0
  • Android NN HAL

OS Support

  • Linux Consumer
  • Linux
  • Android

Bus Interface

  • AXI
  • ACE-Lite


  • IMGIC Framebuffer Compression
  • PVRTC, ETC and ASTC Support


Floating point operations per clock

  • 1536 FP32 FLOPs/Clock
  • 6144 DOT8 OPs/Clock

Pixels per Clock

  • 48ppc