The first mobile GPU core with ray tracing

Ray tracing - now available on the move

As well as outstanding performance for conventional rasterised graphics IMG CXT introduces the revolutionary PowerVR Photon architecture, bringing high-performance, desktop-quality ray traced visuals to the palm of your hand. Delivering up to 1.3GRay/s, CXT-powered devices will bring features such as ray traced shadows, reflections, global illumination, and ambient occlusion with high frame rates to users on the go.

IMG CXT in numbers

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IMG CXT Applications

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IMG CXT represents the ultimate solution for mobile gaming and graphics, with up to 50% more compute and geometry performance per core compared to BXT.
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Data Centre

The Photon architecture can be scaled to cloud, data centre and PC markets thanks to multi-core, enabling it to achieve up to 9 TFLOPS of FP32 rasterised performance and over 7.2GRay/s of ray traced performance, at 2.5x the power efficiency of current solutions.
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IMG CXT is ideally suited for premium HMI platforms for photorealistic representation of vehicles, dials and mixed-reality heads-up displays (HUD), as well as in-car gaming and other entertainment experiences.

The PowerVR Photon Architecture

Imagination’s Photon architecture represents a decade of development in making ray tracing not just viable, but rapid, in low-power embedded devices such as smartphones. As ray tracing can be done with varying levels of performance and efficiency we established the Ray Tracing Levels System (RTLS), ranging from Level 0 to Level 5.

The PowerVR Photon architecture represents the first Level 4 ray tracing solution. This is thanks to a new GPU block called the Ray Acceleration Cluster (RAC), enhancing ray tracing performance and efficiency to deliver a desktop-quality ray traced experience for mobile gamers and developers.

Why Ray Tracing Matters

Ray tracing is a game-changing 3D graphics technology that imitates how light behaves in the real world, making it possible to create 3D scenes that are near indistinguishable from real life. It has proven to be a compelling technology in high-end desktop gaming, enabling more realistic lighting and shadows and bringing photorealism in games a step closer.

Hard-edged rasterised shadows can be replaced with beautiful and realistic ray traced soft shadows, that appreciably add to the realism of scenes. Surfaces can offer realistic reflections depending on their material, while the shadows or reflections of enemies in a game can be seen before they arrive on screen.

As a Level 4 RTLS solution Imagination is bringing those same effects to mobile and embedded-device developers, delivering a desktop-quality gaming experience on your phone, delivered with low power for extended playtime and excellent thermals.

A Tour-de-Force of Performance

Ray tracing is a new technology so for all those games available today which don’t yet support it, CXT is still the ultimate power-efficient GPU IP. It is a tour-de-force of rasterised graphics performance, with 50% more compute capability than currently shipping tile-based deferred rendering (TBDR)-derived GPUs in the mobile market, 50% more geometry performance and a low-power superscalar architecture delivering high-performance at low clock frequencies for exceptional FPS/W.

IMG CXT also features market-leading low bandwidth, combining our TBDR architecture with an advanced configurable cache infrastructure and our Imagination Image Compression (IMGIC) technology. CXT comprehensively reduces DRAM bandwidth requirements for low-power operation in mobile handsets.

IMG CXT GPU Launch Keynote

Watch this webinar to learn about the exciting new IMG CXT GPU product and the technology behind it. 


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