3 March, 2021

Standardising low-cost GPUs for embedded industrial use

Discover Imagination at Embedded World 2021

Presenter: Kristof Beets, Senior Director of Technical Product Management, Imagination Technologies


This session dives into the requirements for GPUs for usage in modern industrial scenarios including whitegoods, smart devices, security solutions and information displays. Covering both hardware, e.g. fillrate centric GUI rendering centric feature sets, and software, e.g. Khronos standard and Open Source, requirements essential to help enable the diverse usage scenarios for this market segment with increasing needs for user-friendly visual interactions.

Imagination’s PowerVR graphics, vision & AI are designed to integrate seamlessly and optimally into complete platforms that help deliver fast time to market and compelling differentiation. We will present at Embedded World Digital, join us and register to participate in this event.

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