16 June, 2020

Rendering Roblox: Vulkan Optimisations on PowerVR

16 June 2020, 00:00:00 - 60 minutes

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Rendering Roblox: Vulkan Optimisations on PowerVR

Deep dive into the lighting and shadow systems of the latest Roblox engine. We’ll be exploring the voxel lighting system, EVSM shadow mapping implementation, shader optimisations, and other recent features of the Roblox renderer.

Also, we will see how each of these has been tailored for mobile GPUs in Vulkan, as well as how they are optimised for the new IMG A-Series GPU architecture. With the release of its new powerful GPU IP, Imagination Technologies has been working closely with Roblox to investigate low-level performance improvements that will give players the best gaming experience.

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Presented by: Arseny Kapoulkine, David Hamill

Webinar Broadcast Date: 16 June 2020, 00:00:00

Duration: 60 minutes

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