Join us with other 3D developers, users & enthusiasts to collaborate and share knowledge.

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Event Details:

17 October, 2022

Austin, Texas, USA


O3DCon is a flagship conference of the Open 3D Foundation. This conference is for 3D developers, users & enthusiasts to collaborate and share knowledge to shape the future of 3D development.

Join us to collaborate and learn about innovations and best practices in open 3D development, open source licensing interoperability across 3D engines. We will be presenting a keynote and running a workshop during the 3 days conference.

You can find out why we are determined to provide the best ray tracing solution for mobile and the gaming industry, and also an opportunity to attend a step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to implement Ray-Traced Global Illumination (RTGI) correctly inside the O3DE engine, dynamically and in real-time with ray tracing.


Keynote: Imagination Technologies, O3DE and the Future of Mobile Graphics Development

Speaker: Omar Zohdi, Technical Ecosystem Manager, Imagination Technologies

In this Keynote, we will provide you with background information on Imagination, its history, and its plans, and walk you through our journey with O3DE. We’ll explain why we decided to work with this ground-breaking engine and how we believe it’s going to drive future innovation in the gaming industry.

Workshop: Ray-Traced Global Illumination in O3DE

Presenter: Alekos Caporali, Imagination Technologies

The workshop is a step-by-step tutorial that starts from an empty project and brings you to full control over environment lighting in O3DE, switching in the middle from basic topics like assets implementation and “components”, to an overview of O3DE animation systems, the material editor and finally, real-time Ray-Traced Global Illumination (RTGI). Alekos Caporali (Graphics Technical Artist at Imagination Technologies) will get you acquainted with O3DE’s RTGI system, explaining the feature from a technical point of view, showing examples, and teaching you how to implement it correctly inside the engine, dynamically and in real-time thanks to Ray-Tracing, in order to enhance your game’s visual in very few simple steps!