The 35th SOCC offers a three days technical program.

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Event Details:

5 September, 2022

Belfast, Northern Ireland


System on Chip (SoC) devices, comprising digital, analog, optical, RF, and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), are the foundation of ubiquitous computing and the communication, entertainment, medical and logistics technologies underpinning emerging “Digital Societies”.

Recent advances in systems, packaging and process technologies are enabling the computation of hundreds of teraflops per chip and unleashing the massive rise of Artificial Intelligence-enabled products and applications. This incredible demand for integration and computing per square millimetre of silicon creates new challenges with respect to storage, memory, security, reliability, power, on-chip communication, packaging and the management of design and verification.

For 35 years the IEEE International System-on-Chip Conference (SOCC) has been the premier forum for sharing the latest advancements in SoC architecture, systems, logic and circuit design, process technology, test, design tools, and applications. We proudly continue this tradition with the 2022 conference at the birthplace of the Titanic in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The 35th SOCC offers a three days technical program including keynote and plenary speeches, oral and poster presentations, hot-topic panel sessions, and two days industrial talks. In addition, SOCC has a long tradition of high-class social events complementing the technical program, helping you to discuss your work with your colleagues, and enhancing your professional network.

Keynote speaker

David Harold, Chief Marketing Officer of Imagination Technologies

In his keynote David Harold will discuss the emergence of the Semiconductor IP business in the 90s spanning multiple technologies, including CPUs, GPUs, Modems and Interconnect Ips and the decisive role of various companies within the Semiconductor IP ecosystem including Imagination, Arm, Synopsys, Qualcomm, etc. Among others this keynote will explore:

  • The forces at play as the IP business takes off with the need for optimization of resources in value chains
  • The challenges of the IP business as we know it: the end of Moore’s law
  • The emergence of data-based computing with AI/ML and how it augments traditional algorithmic computing
  • The emergence of new opportunities in AI/ML and system design for heterogeneous computing
  • The pandemic, the tensions East-West and the impact on value chains
  • The emergence of the hyperscalers as IP developers
  • Impact on key consumer and business segments
  • Upcoming trends and challenges, new design strategies and the emergence of the chiplet business
  • And the role that Imagination plays in the redefinition of the IP business