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12 May, 2022

Santa Clara Convention Center, California


This Summit is a unique platform that brings together executives across the expanded semiconductor ecosystem at the intersection of semiconductors, software, systems, solutions, and services for thought leadership, and collaborative dialogue, providing deep insights on technology and business model innovations, emerging market trends, and growth opportunities. It is meant to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and advancement of the industry and the wider impact it has on the global economy.


IoT Data as IP

Speaker: Marc Canel, Vice President of Strategy & Security, Imagination Technologies

As computing shifts to include data-based computing, new design processes are emerging and to train AI/ML engines, data is required. This data may be widely available such as images of the objects that the system is expected to recognize, and it may not be proprietary. But in many cases, the data may come from the operations of a highly complex industrial process, or the internal operations of a car or the metadata extracted from an SoC or a network. Such data requires a lot of work to get extracted and fed into the AI/ML system that will track the operations of the system under watch. It is highly valuable, and it will influence the operations of the AI/ML process.

This presentation will discuss the role played by data in the definition of the AI/ML systems and whether it should be considered as IP and underneath which conditions.