19 July, 2021

Game Developer Conference 2021

Meet the experts in mobile graphics at GDC 2021.

Meet the experts in mobile graphics at GDC 2021

With our world-leading PowerVR GPUs already in the hands of several billion users, Imagination delivers the leading solutions for AR, VR, OTT, mobile and other embedded graphics platforms. The earliest 3D AIBs. The first connected console. The mobile gaming revolution. Plus arcade, gambling and pachinko. For 25 years we’ve shown our love for gaming. We love developers too: our extensive toolset and SDK are FREE. Discover our latest mobile GPU, ray tracing, and tools at GDC 2021.


Developers supported through our PowerVR Insider initiative have the edge in developing world-class mobile graphics applications. Members of the PowerVR Insider community get a free Software Development Kit (SDK) and utilities, plus unlimited free access to extensive forums and technical support from a world-class team of mobile graphics experts.

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In the Conference

Panel Discussion: Is there a AAA future for Mobile Gaming?

Time: July 21, 9:40-10:10am PST


Stuart DeVille (Founder, Game Dev London)

Paul Weir (Audio Director, Hello Games)

Peter Ridgway (Senior Director Technical Art, King Studios)

Kristof Beets (Senior Director of Technical Management, Imagination Technologies)


What defines AAA? Is it the budgets, is it the visuals or is it something else? And more importantly, can mobile games ever truly be considered AAA? With an imminent explosion in futuristic new technologies like ray-tracing on mobile, ever-increasing graphical power, and a wealth of design expertise, there are more ground-breaking new gaming experiences appearing on mobile platforms every day.

Imagination Technologies in association with Game Dev London sits down with a panel of industry experts, ranging from artists to engineers, to discuss the future of mobile gaming and the work going on in delivering a triple AAA experience (if they exist) from the hardware all the way to the player.

Presentation: Ray tracing in your pocket, closer than you think

Time: July 22, 10:50-11:20am PST

Presenter: Kristof Beets (Senior Director of Technical Management, Imagination Technologies)


Ray tracing is the next step forward in game graphics, it has brought a new wave of realism to the latest PC and console titles and has allowed artists to unlock a new level of detail in their work. Ray tracing has yet to grace the screens of the biggest gaming demographic in the world, mobile gamers.

Ray tracing has been a tough thing to implement even on the biggest, liquid cooled, RGB monster cards, with hundreds of watts of power. It’s an even tougher problem when dealing with the restrictions of battery life, low power and miniscule graphics processors. Kristof Beets, Senior Director of Technical Management, Imagination Technologies talks about the technical details and new ray tracing algorithm concepts that are making mobile ray tracing a reality that we will see sooner rather than later.

Takeaway: Attendees will learn about the new hardware and software IP and processes that are being used to create a ray tracing algorithm that can provide real-time ray traced lighting and shadows in a mobile form factor.