GDC 2023

Join Imagination and meet our experts at GDC 2023.

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Event Details:

20 March, 2023

San Francisco, CA


The Game Developers Conference (GDC) brings the game development community together to exchange ideas, solve problems, and shape the future of the industry across five days of education, inspiration, and networking. Attendees include programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and business leaders. Some key features of GDC include:

  • The market-defining conference has a comprehensive selection of lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions.
  • The GDC Expo showcases the latest game development tools and services from leading technology companies.
  • Dedicated community spaces where GDC attendees can take a break from all of the learning to relax and meet new people in themed areas for playable indie games, retro games, alternative controllers

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We will be in attendance at GDC 2023 and will be in booth S744. You can book a meeting with us below and speak with our experts on all things GDC.


Lecture #1: Math in Game Development Summit: A Visual Guide to Quaternions and Dual Quaternions


Hamish Todd, Senior Research Engineer


Tuesday 21st March, 13:20 – 14:20 (PT)

If you’ve ever tried to write code that rotates anything in 3D, then you have probably heard that quaternions help solve this problem. If you know that’s what quaternions are for, and you have a desire to really understand how they work, you’ll learn something from this talk!

Lecture #2: Math in Game Development Summit: Quaternions to Homogeneous Points, Lines, and Planes


Hamish Todd, Senior Research Engineer


Tuesday 21st March, 14:40 – 15:40 (PT)

Ideal for graphics and gameplay programmers. You will want to have watched the preceding talk, “A Visual Guide to Quaternions and Dual Quaternions” – beyond that, no prior experience with anything beyond vectors is assumed.

Sponsored Session #1: Open-Source Advancements of AAA Mobile Graphics 


  • Hongyu Sun, Sr. Director, Head of Computing and Graphics Research Institute, Oppo
  • Royal O’Brien, General Manager of Digital Media and Games, Linux Foundation
  • Maxime Dumas, Founder & CTO, Persistent Studios
  • Travis, CEO, Carbonated
  • Tyrran Ferguson, Director of Mobile Ecosystem and Gaming, Imagination


Thursday 23rd March 14:00 – 15:00 (PT) 

At the conference, we are proud to sponsor this session in partnership with OPPO & O3DE, a panel of industry leaders giving their technological insight into the cutting-edge development of the O3DE Mobile Renderer. The discussion will cover a wide range of topics, with valuable insight into how this technology will impact the industry and its specific segments. The panellists will share expertise spanning hardware IP, mobile handsets, and engine and game development from an indie and established studio perspective.