10 November, 2020

Building Security Within IoT Devices

Learn strategies for protecting your connected systems, company, and reputation

Presenter: Marc Canel, Vice President of Strategy – Security, Imagination Technologies


Devices are typically built for a specific application. The user manages the binding of the device to its cloud application through error prone manual processes. This cumbersome and risky approach prevents large-scale adoption. Single purpose devices adds cost and complexity. It’s an industry-wide issue driven by the fragmentation of the IoT marketplace and the desire of actors for differentiation. This presentation will cover:
• The industry’s need to find remedies to security and supply chain problems
• Industry-wide collaboration to design protocols for provisioning and on-boarding
• The importance of removing manual and password driven operations

Conference overview

Connected device security is perhaps the most pressing issue facing technology organizations today. Security vulnerabilities have damaged the reputation of global brands, resulted in lawsuits, and even led to physical damage in the real world.

Virtually join more than 500 industry professionals at the third-annual IoT Device Security Conference to learn strategies for protecting your connected systems, company, and reputation. This event is free for qualified attendees. It includes more than 15 in-depth technical sessions that will outline best practices that IoT Developers, Engineering Managers, and Executives can implement to secure the insecure Internet of Things.

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