20 June, 2021

Approach to Overcame the Challenges of Deploying AI in Mobile

Join us live at the Mobile AI Workshop

We will be joining hundreds of other AI experts to discuss the future of AI, the topics considered in this workshop will go beyond the simple classification tasks, and will include such challenging problems as image denoising, HDR photography, accurate depth estimation, learned image ISP pipeline, real-time image, and video super-resolution.


Mobile devices are nowadays very powerful heterogeneous engines, but they still have limitations of what you can achieve of them. With a growing number of applications using AI as part of their solution and the concerns about the privacy of data, having efficient hardware and tools for deploying AI is the only path to success in the field. In this workshop, I will explain some of the techniques that can be used to optimise Neural Networks for a better deployment and how Imagination Technologies develops efficient hardware architectures for mobile devices.

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