PowerVR CLDNN Chromebook Image

Filesize1 GB
Date addedAugust 10, 2018

We have created an image that developers can flash to an Acer Chromebook R-13, which has a PowerVR GX6250 GPU.

The R-13 Chromebook is an absolute requirement for development work, but if you just wish to see the documentation, you can download just the SDK with the link above as the documentation is included there.

You can also find the source code for sample applications that show how to use the PowerVR CLDNN API. These include a simple introduction to the API, a more complex number classification example, and finally, an image classification example. The examples show how to deploy both “LeNet” and “AlexNet” neural network architectures, both of which are popular well-known neural network architectures, using the CLDNN API.

The beta SDK is available for download now, with the understanding that the API is subject to change at this early stage.

Installation Instructions