PowerVR Developer Tools​

Target all Khronos® OpenGL® ES APIs with our collection of emulation libraries

  • Allows OpenGL ES applications to run on desktop development machines that do not natively support OpenGL ES APIs.
  • Use with your IDE of choice for rapid development.
  • No need for access to a device supporting your targeted version of OpenGL ES, the calls are redirected to OpenGL.


Our lightweight and simple OpenGL ES and EGL emulator for Windows
PVRVFrame 1

Emulates hardware capabilities of specific GPUs

We include a selection of profiles to emulate the hardware you may want to target. Through our GUI, you can modify or even create new profiles as needed.

Specific hardware capabilities

A wide range of hardware capabilities are available, such as the number of shader varyings and texture format types.

Supported extensions

Any EGL™ or OpenGL ES supported extensions are emulated in full by the libraries.

Fully documented

As well as our user manual, we also provide detailed documentation on extensions.

  • We support all versions of OpenGL ES. The level of support depends on the capabilities of your desktop GPU.
  • Note: the performance obtained is not indicative of the performance when running on real consumer hardware.

Support & resources

Get your answers online with our comprehensive documentation, developer forum and our dedicated PowerVR developer support desk.