PowerVR Developer Tools​

The first fully-featured IDE for debugging on a mobile or embedded GPU

  • Simplify your development work with seamless debugging between PowerVR GPU and CPU in the same session.
  • Gain much finer granularity with GPU debugging and optimisation, with direct access to the PowerVR Unified Shading Cluster (USC).
  • Code as usual, with full support for breakpoints, code-stepping and other typical IDE functionality.

Debug OpenGL ES shaders and OpenCL kernels

For the first time on embedded/mobile platforms, you can debug programs that are executing on mobile GPU hardware, in the same way you would on CPU. Switch between the two without ending your session, and make your GPU debugging much less complicated and frustrating.

  • Step into your code at GPU level, and inspect memory and registers on the PowerVR hardware.
  • Make better sense of memory layout for graphics shaders and compute kernels, which are presented in an easy to view format.

A development solution for the most demanding developers

PVRStudio gives you the features you would expect from the latest IDEs.

Faster development

Get to what you want fast, with out-of-the-box deployment for Android and Linux. This is a modern and fully-featured IDE, supporting CMake and Makefiles. 


Enjoy the flexibility of adding custom steps to building and deployment. Go further, and enhance your development environment with third-party plug-ins.

No dependencies

Benefit from an end-to-end solution for development, debugging and deployment on PowerVR devices. PVRStudio uses a fork of GDB, so debugging of any processor architecture is natively supported.

Well supported

Supports the most popular architectures on mobile platforms such as Android.

Feel at home with all PowerVR tools

PVRStudio is based upon the robust and lightweight Qt Creator, meaning you will benefit from a cohesive UI experience across all our Qt-based tools.

Support & resources

Get your answers online with our comprehensive documentation, developer forum and our dedicated PowerVR developer support desk.