PowerVR Developer Tools​

Compose shaders in real-time with PVRShaman

  • Operates on a What You See Is What You Get concept, letting you rapidly prototype new shaders.
  • Instant feedback on your changes with a visualisation window.
  • Get syntax highlighting and real-time shader performance estimates with our integrated PVRShaderEditor.
  • Supports widely used image formats, including our own PowerVR Object Data (POD) format.


Our intuitive scene visualiser for POD files with an integrated shader editor
PVRShaman 1

Optimised formats for the best performance gains

We know our hardware best. Our PowerVR-optimised file formats can give you the edge you need.

  • Loads and renders POD files, and supports our PowerVR Texture (PVR) format.
  • Benefit from our small, simple, and easy to use PowerVR Effects (PFX) format to manage shaders.
  • Load the same files in your own applications, by using our POD, PFX, and PVR resource loading code.

Support & resources

Get your answers online with our comprehensive documentation, developer forum and our dedicated PowerVR developer support desk.