PowerVR Developer Tools​

API Analysis tool with application recording and playback

  • Capture and analyse Vulkan® and OpenGL® ES API calls quickly and easily.
  • Play back recorded calls on any compatible device.
  • Debug recordings using our static analysis, frame debugger, and C++ export features.
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Our powerful API tracing and debugging tool for Vulkan and OpenGL ES applications
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Record applications running on-device without hassle

The PVRCarbon GUI remote recorder allows you to capture an application’s API calls without having to install any libraries or edit configuration files.

  • Connect over USB or remotely over a local network.
  • Start and stop recording on demand, over any number of frames.
  • Capture framebuffers with optional downscaling.

Application playback on remote devices

  • Recordings can be deployed remotely to any compatible device to see how behaviour changes on different hardware.
  • Playback is cross-platform – you can record on one device and reuse that recording on any other device.
  • PVRCarbon Player supports: Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux (including RISC-V), and all Android platforms.

Powerful GUI and CLI features

The PVRCarbon GUI also has many other tools to help with the debugging process, as well as a robust CLI option.

  • Step through your recording, frame-by-frame to pinpoint your issues.
  • Trim unwanted frames from the start and end of a recording.
  • Static analysis of API usage is built-in.
  • Fully-featured frame debugger, showing textures, shader code, memory objects, and more.

C++ Export for compiling and debugging

PVRCarbon can export recordings as a C++ project, allowing for flexible debugging without needing the original source code.

  • Provides CMake files for compiling on Windows and Linux, and Gradle files for Android.
  • Exported code can be debugged as part of your normal development process.

Support & resources

Get your answers online with our comprehensive documentation, developer forum and our dedicated PowerVR developer support desk.