The Ultimate Wi-Fi solution for low power IoT.

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The ultimate Wi-Fi
solution for
low-power IoT

From weather sensors to wearables, to connected toys and hearing aids, battery-driven devices of all types require internet connectivity. That means, energy-efficient, low-power solutions.

Introducing IMG iEW400, the ultimate Wi-Fi solution for low-power IoT devices. Based on the new IEEE 802.11ax standard, Wi-Fi 6 offers several enhancements over its Wi-Fi 5-based predecessor to boost efficiency and reduce power consumption, making it ideal for low-power IoT wireless applications.

Wi-Fi 6: Built-in efficiency

iEW400 takes advantage of key Wi-Fi 6 features to save device power and help you build a more useful Wi-Fi product.
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Ensigma iEW400 TWT

Smart design

Target Wake Time (TWT) is a new Wi-Fi 6 feature that negotiates when access points and devices should be “awake”. This pre-scheduling means devices don’t have to waste energy waiting to communicate with an access point. Device deep-sleep periods can be extended, dramatically reducing current consumption and significantly increasing battery life. This means Wi-Fi 6 devices can now be left usefully gathering data in the field for years at a time!

Improved performance
for all

Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) improves performance in high-density environments. By enabling bandwidth within channels to be segmented, multiple devices can receive data in the same time frame. This increases data transmission efficiency, reducing power consumption and dramatically increasing data throughput.

A world of colour

In areas where there are multiple access points and many clients, such as large crowds, Wi-Fi typically struggles to deliver consistent throughput. This is because the data from different access points can overlap causing contention and interference. With the new Basic Service Set (BSS) Coloring feature in Wi-Fi 6 each data from each access point is prescribed a “colour”, so clients can identify which one is transmitting. The result is improved network performance for IoT and wireless.

Award Winning IP

The iEW410 is our area-optimised solution in the iEW400 Series. It is our latest Wi-Fi IP developed on Ensigma Wi-Fi technology. It is a complete 11ax solution for low-power applications. The iEW410 has been recognised for its innovation and has been awarded the EDA/IP of the Year at the 2020 World Electronic Achievement Awards. The iEW410 brings improved robustness, throughput, and power-efficiency to the Ensigma Wi-Fi IP line up. It also delivers advanced performance capabilities in a compact die area, making it the ideal solution for area-optimised low-power applications. 

2020 world electronic achievement awards

The complete low-power Wi-Fi solution

iEW400 is a complete,
one-stop-shop solution. It includes the RF, Baseband, upper and lower MAC components, internal power amplifiers, LNA and switch and sleep controller.

Flexible design

Flexible design tailored to your requirements with optional upper MAC and power management unit (PMU) supporting 2.7-4.5V DC supplies.


Low area, silicon-ready IoT solution

In TSMC 40nm LP iEW400 has a low silicon die area of 6.84 mm2 die area, including analogue pads. Supplied as hard macro for analogue and synthesisable RTL for digital.

support 1

Wide support

Offers 20/40MHz operation and supports Station, Soft AP and Wi-Fi Direct operating modes.

IMG iEW400

Download the IMG iEW400 overview to find out how our new Wi-Fi 6 IP can give you the edge.

Our iEW400 Series:

IMG iEW400 IMG iEW410
20/40 MHz
20 MHz
2.4/5 GHz
2.4 GHz
Thin MAC
Full MAC
Power management unit

Product briefs:

IMG iEW400

Download the IMG iEW400 product brief to find out how our new Wi-Fi 6 IP can give you the edge.

IMG iEW410

Download the IMG iEW410 product brief to find out how our new Wi-Fi 6 IP can give you the edge.

Watch our webinars

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Introducing IMG iEW400:

The ultimate Wi-Fi IP solution for low power IoT

June 22, 2020

In this webinar, we will introduce the latest Wi-Fi IP from Imagination, the IMG iEW400; the ultimate
Wi-Fi solution for low-power IoT. Based on the new IEEE 802.11ax standard, also known as Wi-Fi 6, it provides several enhancements over the older
Wi-Fi 5 standard that make it ideal for low-power
IoT applications.

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Why Wi-Fi 6 is the perfect choice for IoT & Low Power Markets?​

April 16, 2020

During this session, we will discuss how this is achieved and why Wi-Fi 6/IEEE 802.11ax 20MHz is the perfect choice for the IoT/wearables/low-power Wi-Fi markets, and why it should be considered over the older IEEE 802.11n standard.

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Sharpen your competitive edge with IMG iEW400 Series