Delivering broadcast performance for decades.

Multi-standard design architecture

Our Digital Radio IP, the iER420, uses a proven and efficient hardware architecture. The flexibility of the IP enables configurations that can support third-party software libraries with the iER420 to tailor the IP to different broadcast standards around the world. The end-solution can run different standards in parallel, depending on end user location.

multi standard design architecture
highly parallel architecture

Highly parallel architecture

On one platform, several channels can run at the same time. Channels can contain many of the same standards, or different standards. Our hardware accelerator support reduces the power consumption, to cater for several channels running at the same time. Using multiple transmission channels concurrently increases the operational efficiency and resilience to interference from noise.

Proven performance

The iER420 solution has field-proven performance and has featured in consumer radios for decades. Our hardware can be configured to a customer’s system architecture, with demo platforms available to test the IP.

As a silicon-proven solution, it minimises risk and provides a reliable and efficient route to market, creating an earlier opportunity for potential revenue.

proven performance
rf engineering expertise

RF Engineering Expertise

Our decades of experience in engineering hardware enables us to seamlessly integrate RF that is supplied by customers. We offer experience and expertise in enhancing RF performance with our programmable hardware to perform channel filtering, adjacent channel rejection and image rejection. This hardware is highly flexible and is used to ensure compatibility and deliver outstanding performance, despite potential RF variabilities.

Proven performance in a compact design

The iER420 delivers powerful performance, while using minimal silicon area. This keeps production costs down, without compromising on performance capabilities. For automotive applications, our platform is audio capable and all digital radio tuning and decoding can be performed on a single chip that can be placed into a smart antenna, to reduce integration costs, such as wiring.

proven performance in a compact design
one solution multiple application possibilities

One solution, multiple application possibilities

Our market-leading iER420 Digital Radio IP has been configured to deliver high performance in automotive applications and in domestic consumer electronics, such as radio’s and digital televisions.


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