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PowerVR Graphics: We Render Funny

We are now back from various shows around the world where we had lots of discussion with developers about the use and longevity of Imagination’s

Learning about the Android graphics subsystem

Graphics performance is the most important component in defining any user interface (UI) experience. The smoothness of the UI interactions and the crispness of the

Flow Technology – What’s It All About?

You may have noticed us talking more about “Flow Technology” over on over the past year – but what is it? Flow is an

PowerVR SGX cores get OpenCL conformance

On the 15th March Imagination’s PowerVR SGX drivers achieved OpenCL 1.0 Embedded Profile conformance with Khronos. OpenCL enables developers to take their algorithms beyond the

New TI processors

Check out the new processors from Texas Instruments. The new AM3894 Sitara and C6A8168 Integra feature a POWERVR 3D graphics accelerator to enable richer graphical user interfaces

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