The Allwinner A31 SoC has PowerVR graphics, is ready for your New Year 4K resolutions

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There have been some interesting announcements from Imagination’s vibrant ecosystem of partners but perhaps one of the most exciting collaborations to be revealed lately is the release of the Allwinner A31 SoC (System-on-Chip) integrating a SGX544MP graphics core. This graphics processor (GPU) IP core is part of the PowerVR Series5XT family of graphics processors which were designed for high efficiency to meet the multimedia requirements of the next generation of consumer, communications and computing applications like UIs running on 4K resolutions at 60fps.

PowerVR GPUs – the true path to innovation

Companies like Allwinner have been important innovators in the busy Chinese semiconductor landscape. They have also been making sure that all the hard work that has gone into developing their high-performance SoCs was backed up by a strong list of OEM and ODM partners ready to use their computing platform into the latest generation of gadgets and devices. For example, the announcement of the new Allwinner A31 SoC was immediately followed by an avalanche of upcoming tablets.

Allwinner A31 with PowerVR SGX544MP2

The Allwinner A31 SoC

As high quality and efficient graphics are rapidly becoming the ‘must-have’ technology for any mobile product, Allwinner naturally picked the SGX544MP core as the graphics engine to power their A31 system. Thanks to the 2nd generation USSE (Universal Scalable Shader Engine) inside the PowerVR SGX Series5XT family, the SGX544MP offers the right balance between multicore performance and power efficiency. It enables Allwinner’s A31 platform to sustain the high frame rates of next generation UIs and console-quality game achieving stunning visual effects and improved polygon performance as well as develop GPU compute applications like image processing or in-game physics effects.

Imagination's PowerVR Series5XT GPUs The PowerVR Series5XT SGX GPU IP family

Designers now appreciate that many key applications benefit from using Imagination’s PowerVR low power, highly efficient GPUs. PowerVR’s revolutionary tile-based, deferred shading architecture allows a very small area of a die to deliver higher performance and image quality at lower power consumption compared to other competing technologies.

The PowerVR SGX Series5XT 54xMP GPU inside the AllWinner A31 SoC

A detailed look at Imagination’s PowerVR SGX Series5XT 54xMP graphics IP core

Imagination is now the leader in the growing Chinese tablet market

The Allwinner A31 processor has been designed to target the growing tablet market. DigiTimes estimates that Chinese SoC developers will enjoy robust shipment growth in 2012. Allwinner make sure that devices integrating their SoCs are always up to date with the latest version of Android, yet recognise that an affordable pricing policy is a key factor for the wider adoption of smartphone and tablets.

Smartphones Allwinner A31 PowerVRThe Allwinner A31 SoC inside the numerous tablets coming out of China

GizmoChina was one of the first websites to preview some of the Chinese tablets with the Allwinner A31 SoC, like the Onda V872, Teclast Ampe P88 and A10. ICOO is also planning to use this powerful SoC in their latest tablet.

When looking at the main specifications and design, these tablets typically offer a high resolution display, several gigabytes of RAM and plenty of internal memory. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has become the operating system of choice, although most of the OEMs are promising upgradeability to Android 4.2. And with an attractive price at around 200-300 U.S. dollars, these devices come just in time for your late holiday shopping.

PowerVR Insider – Imagination’s very own Dream Factory

With CES and MWC fast approaching, we look forward to more similar announcements from our growing ecosystem partners, as more and more semiconductor manufacturers understand that Imagination’s PowerVR graphics offer not just a unique feature set but a clear path towards differentiation and name recognition. As the market is clearly showing demand for this type of devices, we are dedicated to helping our current and future partners understand what the best combination of raw graphics and compute performance is to address their processing needs.

Imagination’s PowerVR GPU IP supports all major graphics and compute APIs including the latest versions of OpenGL ES, OpenGL, and OpenCL from Khronos and DirectX from Microsoft. We are also founding members of the HSA Foundation, which offers our customers insight into the future trends of mobile and embedded computing.

Our PowerVR Insider programme offers developers free access to our PowerVR Graphics SDK as well as the support they require through our dedicated, newly re-launched PowerVR Insider Forum. We are also frequently attending numerous local events like ChinaJoy, SIGGRAPH Asia and GDC China, constantly maintaining and improving our relationship with the Chinese developer community.

For more news and announcements from Imagination and our partners, follow us on Twitter (@ImaginationTech) and come back to our blog.

Alex Voica

Alex Voica

Before deciding to pursue his dream of working in technology marketing, Alexandru held various engineering roles at leading semiconductor companies in Europe. His background also includes research in computer graphics and VR at the School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna in Pisa. You can follow him on Twitter @alexvoica.

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